Acrylic, handwritten iterations of the letter "S" and "Z" meander from a white panel on the ground up onto a white wall, some in broken into parts, others in thick, globby lines.

The Inconstant World

With the body, language, and the experience of time as points of departure, the exhibition engages the limitations of representation and images as sites of interpretation.

Before red, white, and blue polling booths, images of Peanuts characters are superimposed to appear life-sized. Charlie Brown holds an apple on a stick, while Lucy van Pelt bobs for hers in a bucket of water.

Paul Pescador: PSA

They represent a collage of dialogue with different stakeholders, as well as the artist’s own experience of moving through the world as a fellow member of the public.

Two people walk bicycles across an arid landscape. There is a snow-covered mountain in the background. A grey river creates a broad stripe through the middle of the frame, reflecting the grey sky.

Stanya Kahn: No Go Backs

Completed earlier this year, No Go Backs (2020), shot on Super 16mm film with an original sound score and no dialogue, follows two teenagers (and real life friends) who leave the city for the wild.