A photographer apparently in their studio looks through the viewfinder of their camera while seated. The camera lens is pointed towards the viewer and the photographer's face is obscured by their camera.

Monsen Photography Lecture: Paul Mpagi Sepuya

The Henry is excited to welcome Paul Mpagi Sepuya as this year’s Monsen Photography Lecture speaker. This annual lecture brings key makers and thinkers in photographic practice to the Henry. Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b. 1982, San Bernardino, CA) is a Los Angeles-based artist working in photography and Associate Professor in Media Arts at the University of California, San Diego.

Rusted chains droop into the frame and hover above the ground.

ektor garcia: matéria prima

Pieces are often reconfigured; textiles are made and unmade—undoing the knots as important as reknotting, reweaving to generate new points of connection and relation.

To and from a wall of paintings, miniature figures wander, kneel, lay, gaze.

Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT

Huanca’s installations encompass painting, sculpture, and live performance, and are characteristically created for, and integrated with, the specific architectural spaces in which they are presented.

Across the top of (or perhaps just behind) a silky white block, speckled with red and orange, a black block looms.

Ken Kelly

His works evoke “the same sense of wonder, awe, and mystery that I find in the endless panorama of the physical world.”

Diana Al-Hadid: Archive of Longings

Diana Al-Hadid’s work explores the interplay between the female body and the European art canon; Syrian, Muslim, and immigrant histories and mythologies; and architectural icons and the natural world.