A baroque porcelain statue comprised of two seated figurines and a woman crouched on a bedecked dining table.

The Art of Food | Artist Talk and Opening Reception

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at PSU is pleased to present an artist talk and opening reception on Wednesday, September 7 to celebrate the new exhibition “The Art of Food: From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation.”

The Bed You Made, oil on panel painting of an unmade bed by Julianna Paradisi.


An exhibition that expresses the artist’s definition of what home can mean, whether it is comfort, vulnerability, or the physical space that reflects your innermost desires.

An icy Icelandic landscape featuring mountains and water.

Svalbard: Photographs by Ian van Coller

Ian van Coller made these photographs of Svalbard while on the Arctic Circle Artist’s Residency in 2019. In recent years, van Coller has dedicated his work to the subject of deep time and climate change, best represented through glacier-loss.

Split into three panels from left to right: A woman with a pale complexion with dark, reflective sunglasses on, two palm trees reflected in a bright blue swimming pool, a cream white car with it's sun roof down.

Ryan Jones: Fragments

Caldwell Snyder Gallery is pleased to present “Fragments,” a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Bay Area-based artist Ryan Jones, on view from April 16 – May 7, 2022.

A crude watercolor painting of a millipede stands upright, its many green arms outstretched.


In the misty morning, ideas are living breathing things dislodged from a vigilant and insomniac rationality.