Photograph of a green metal desk underneath which a monitor is playing a video of a hand raising and lowering the hem of a skirt up and down a leg.

The Longest Leg

Does trauma take a singular point of view, like a monologue? Or does it stretch beyond the silo of the psyche, skulking into narrative environments, social interactions, and even conceptions of a fragmented selfhood? Emmanuela Soria Ruiz’s videos, sculptures, installations, and drawings in her solo exhibition The Longest Leg subvert power dynamics implicit within the act of looking.

This collage of photograph, pop-culture imagery, and Chinese Communist Party propaganda delights the eye, confusing dimension, location, and direction, at the same time that it immerses the mind in a play of theme—one is never sure whether to laugh, ponder, or wonder.

Yuyang Zhang: umm no

Zhang’s collage work combines original photographs, recognizable Western pop culture imagery, and Chinese Communist Party propaganda.