: A figure takes a selfie before Niagara Falls, while various others blur in and out of frame. Behind them, the world is fuzzy with spray.

Alec Soth: A Pound of Pictures

The series features images that reference photography itself, investigating the physicality of the medium and its limited ability to preserve what is fleeting.

Black and white photograph of a young man seated in a park smiling gently at the viewer.

Diane Arbus: Curated by Carrie Mae Weems

Weems has cited Arbus, along with David Hammons, as artists of paramount importance to her. To inaugurate Fraenkel Gallery’s recently announced representation of Weems, the artist was invited to curate an exhibition of Arbus’s photographs, the sole directive being to focus on works that speak powerfully and directly to her.

Collaged image of a person embracing someone kneeling from behind in a park setting.

Wardell Milan

The exhibition features Milan’s ongoing series “Death, Wine, Revolt,” which combines photography, drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture to explore themes of over-indulgence, destruction, and revolution.

Black and white photograph of a man walking through an empty plaza, the instant captured in the photograph makes it look like the figure is dancing alone.

I’m Not the Only One

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present I’m Not the Only One, a group exhibition that explores solitude alongside our relentless yearning to connect, in photographs and videos from 19 artists that echo and reflect our current socially distant world.

Three large square photographs hanging on a dark gray wall, each photograph is a single solid color: red, yellow, and blue, respectively

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Opticks

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present Hiroshi Sugimoto: Opticks, an exhibition of new large-scale photographs on view for the first time in the US.