Beside a blue chair, a small table holds two books, stacked atop each other—the title of the book on top is "Confessions Jessica Jackson Hutchins"—and a small pink sculpture, which bulges and reaches and points, with limbs of two dimensional shape and curve.

Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart

As the hard-edged forms of the glass and concrete architecture meet the natural vegetation beyond, so Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart counterposes those artists working from a logic of abstraction to those mining the variously and deeply alive.

An installation image of a black plastic tub filled with sand. There are three lit beeswax candles inserted in the sand. A hand reaches in from the upper left corner of the frame with another lit candle, lighting one of the candles in the sand. To the right of the tub, a small paper sack holds more candles.

Nine Exhibitions / Nine Weeks

Fourteen30 Contemporary is pleased to showcase nine Thesis exhibitions of the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Low-Residency MFA in Visual Studies. Presented as a series of solo exhibitions, each the duration of seven days, July 12 through September 19, 2020.