Two dark complexioned men sit in front of a green screen of a background showing an ominous orange sky. The one on the left is wearing a white cowboy hat, a black vest, and jeans, while the one on the right wears a yellow cap, black shirt, and jeans.


For the past 25 years Pa,Sacio Davinci has made films with actors and significant individuals from the South LA neighborhood, weaving Hollywood tropes with hallucinogenic dream-like visuals that expand beyond generic conceptions of everyday filmmaking.

Come watch what Steven Spielberg described as “A wonderful show!” and listen to Davinci’s new journal of music, including “Gospel High Pop and The New Up-Beat Gospel Rap” in the gardens and grounds of the Velaslavasay Panorama.

In a large, dimly lit gallery space, four screens are arranged on the walls with closeup images of grass, perhaps, and a smiling mouth—macaroni shaped chairs interspersed.

Sara Cwynar: Apple Red/Grass Green/Sky Blue

Cwynar uses photographic and digital images to expose the failure of their visual trickery over time and their waning power and influence on the public, contending with how power dynamics are embedded in everyday images.

An adult person stands behind to children, one naked, with their arms on the children's shoulders. Behind them, men stand in the distance, along with an elephant and a towering cliff.

Moving Mountains

Zena’s seventh artist project season presents the work of Shanghai based Chinese artist/filmmaker Yang Fudong (b. 1971) at the 1857 Hallock & McMllan, returning Zena to Portland’s oldest building located in the heart of Old Town Chinatown.

In a gallery space with white walls and natural wooden pillars, a woven spider net of black yarn stands erect, leant against a blue asteroid—on a rear wall, red yarn is splattered against the wall like a gaping mouth.

Michelle Segre: Transmitters & Receivers

Together, the pieces describe a whole cosmos, born from Segre’s previous cosmos, a home to marbled nebulae, dark angels, gushing black holes, all floating in a rich, conducting fluid like some interstellar paella.