A figure with a pale complexion stands with a mirror in front of its face and a blue patterned dress. Two pale arms reach towards the figure on either side of it, birds perched on their fingers.

Jennifer Georgescu: Mother Series

Jennifer Georgescu’s Mother Series communicates how the artist grapples with the loss of sense of self as she grows into motherhood, and the complicated relationship to her own mortality. In her own words, Georgescu says, “Motherhood is precious and raw; wonderful and dark.”

Below a vast sky of, the sea is fed by a system of rivers. The sun blazes in the corner, above purple mountains. Nearby, reclining figures overlook.

Emily Kepulis: Water Briefed

he project was funded by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. In tandem with the show Water Briefed, a book featuring the series will be for sale.

A nude person stands against a blended, bright background. The body is flush with a gold X shape. The body has cracks along the breast and harsh red lines along the right arm, right thigh, and left shin.

Patricia Vázquez: Ku beeta’al bej ikil a xíimbal (Andando hacemos el camino)

Patricia Vázquez is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the ancient Tenochtitlán, and based in the unceded and occupied lands of the Chinook, Clackamas, Multnomah and other Indigenous peoples. Her new exhibition, Ku beeta’al bej ikil a xíimbal, includes painting, printmaking, video, installation, documentation and participatory projects that illustrate the challenges and joys of becoming an artist.

Large rock-like objects hover somewhere between 2- and 3-D, before a warm, yellow-orange light.

Where We Stand

Top-heavy and improbably balanced, the risky equilibrium of these boulders threatens imminent collapse, and the perspective is disturbingly uncertain.

Marika Thunder: Cotillion

The exhibition consists of new figurative paintings continuing the artist’s practice of working with source and reference material from the artist’s own childhood.

A figure with their brunette hair in a bun, wearing an open-backed dress, faces away from the viewer, their head slightly tilted.

Red Boys and Green Girls

These works by Rubin are additionally meditations on the practice of painting, demonstrating how a few, sure brushstrokes can be used to suggest light falling on form, defining a mental state or conjuring a mood.

With wide brush strokes, a white coat is adorned with colorful paint, just behind which a Black face with short hair watches expressionless, arms crossed, with figures shuffling past in the background.

Coady Brown: Only in the Darkness Can You See the Stars

Brown’s paintings examine how groups, couples, and solitary figures navigate self-presentation in private and public life. For this new series, ⁠Brown utilizes the dark nightlife of a disco as a thematic parameter to conjure the experience of gathering in a space designated for catharsis and ecstatic exaltation.