Figures sit, lay, lounge, curl, and bury their bodies into themselves on bed-like structures, arranged together on the far end of a dark room. The words "Come On In" hover, superimposed, before soft gold light.

Faye Driscoll: Come on In

Faye Driscoll: Come On In, the artist’s first exhibition to date, creates a space of gathering that invites us to encounter, and carry forth, this intangible connection.

DIG: A Hole To Put Your Grief

DIG: A Hole To Put Your Grief In, a project by Cara Levine and supported by the AJU’s Institute for Jewish Creativity, is a week-long performance of digging a large-scale hole in the ground, around which other artists will utilize the site as a container for new works relating to grief and mourning, after a year of great collective loss.