An acrylic painting by Ralph Pugay of angels and tropical birds foregrounding a pair of shining gates. Heaven in Paradise, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on panel.


A group exhibition featuring Ralph Pugay, Rainen Knecht, Keith Boadwee, Shelley Turley, Dan Attoe. 

A painted red geometric pattern

Molly Alloy and Arielle Zamora: Held Tight⁠

Fuller Rosen Gallery is pleased to announce Held Tight, a two-person exhibition of new and recent work by Molly Alloy and Arielle Zamora. Held Tight will present ten paintings on panel by Arielle Zamora and a series of assemblages, sculptures, and installations by Molly Alloy. ⁠

Poster for 'Salon Delicatessen' featuring two dolls on a tiered upholstered cake stand.

Orly Anan: Salon Delicatessen

Mexico City-based artist, filmmaker and creative director Orly Anan occupies the entirety of the True Space with her new immersive installation Salon Delicatessen.