Beside a blue chair, a small table holds two books, stacked atop each other—the title of the book on top is "Confessions Jessica Jackson Hutchins"—and a small pink sculpture, which bulges and reaches and points, with limbs of two dimensional shape and curve.

Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart

As the hard-edged forms of the glass and concrete architecture meet the natural vegetation beyond, so Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart counterposes those artists working from a logic of abstraction to those mining the variously and deeply alive.

crocheted yarn mirror images of two men, from the chest up, lying on their backs with their arms propped behind their heads — one, gazing up at the viewer; the other with his eyes closed. The yarns used to color their skin make use of colors similar to olive pigments, as well as shades of grey, blue, red, and pink.

Hurts so Good

Curated by Carolyn Hopkins, this exhibition is an all-female lineup of artists from the greater region. Featuring work by Robyn Johnsen, Jo Hamilton, Elizabeth Malaska, Jeralyn Fix, Morgan Rosskopf, and Leslie Vigeant.