A concentric yellow orb bursts outward in greyish clouds, yellow smoke and scraggles of black.


Through dynamic material investigations Bourdette mimics the shapes, colors and tactile details of the accretions and erosions of earth’s metamorphosis.

Uneven, uneasy blocks of grey and white hover, merge, disagree.

Work on Paper

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Julia Mangold’s new series of geometric graphite drawings…

Atop a tall and rocky cliff island, a handful of farmhouses are nestled into a grassy plateau, the ocean calm far below.

Chester Arnold – Survivors

Arnold’s oil paintings are inspired by memory and imagination and he creates dreamlike images that combine realism and fantasy with meticulous specificity.

Faded rectangular blotches, arranged in an uneven grid on top of a window pane, blur otherwise arbitrary boundaries of color.

Jinie Park: Windows

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Windows, new abstract works by Jinie Park that combine painting and sculpture, and feature radiant color washes on cut-out canvases.

Hanging on a white wall, wide, decisive, and airy brushstrokes remember a huddle of trees beyond a dirt road and beneath a misty, yawning sky.

Stephen Hayes – Re:place

The sheer beauty of the imagery is immediately seductive while the title Re:place invites further contemplation on broader themes of renewal, reckoning or reconsiderations of our place within these bucolic settings.

Multi-colored hexagons are scattered across a white background, tethered together with thin wire, a magenta stripped blob invading the center, like a hot air balloon grazing past clouds.

Print Wall: Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto’s art practice bridges sculpture, painting, and installation through entrancing and complex installations that shift perceptions of light, space, and motion.