A glass door, on which are written the words "The Familiar Edge of the Unknown, Elizabeth Arzani, Tanner Lind," opens into a gallery space with tall ceilings and light wood floors. Beyond the door, various pieces hang on a white wall; and in the middle of the room, shelves hang against soft pastel shapes.

The Familiar Edge of the Unknown

Both artists center concepts of transformative states of responsiveness in their individual and collaborative works. Arzani troubles fragmentation while Lind attends to ideas of tracendension.

Colorful collage made of cut paper, using curved lines and circular, two-dimensional, geometric shapes to invigorate a stripped, layered, cacophonous sense of motion and sound. Bright yellows, cool blacks, and subtle accents of red and blue enwrap this piece in boldness and warmth.

Along These Lines

Each featured artist brings their unique perspective to the history of the line and, along these lines, adds to it.