Marika Thunder: Cotillion

The exhibition consists of new figurative paintings continuing the artist’s practice of working with source and reference material from the artist’s own childhood.

A lone pine stretches out of the ground and toward a hazy grey sky. On the ground beside it, bright green saplings pepper the grass.

Killer Cute | Last Truth Of The New

Viewed with rose-tinted glasses and a lack of experience, romanticising about rural life can overlook a past where social norms were marked with aspects of colonialism, racism, and sexism.

A self portrait hanging on a white wall of a person with medium-length, wavy brown hair, a 5-o'clock shadow and a black shirt stand upright and look through the canvas at the viewer.

Thomas McDonell: Me

Los Angeles-based McDonell presents a suite of assemblage paintings and prints surrounding notions of the self. The title of the exhibition, Me, immediately presents the core of the work, a probe into the idea of private versus public, and the ownership of images and ideas.