The words "TIME BASED ART FESTIVAL" in bold, centered against a green background. Various information about the show above and below.

Time-Based Art Festival

It is a time for us to come together in celebration of experimental works and ideas and to push the boundaries of what it means to make

Bending, leaning, and with outstretched arms, an image captures five individuals mid-dance, along a dirt path, dividing a dense and lush forested area.


he composition is collectively devised, continuously revealing emergent poetics within the stream of images, movements, and sonics.

Yellow poster with two abstract human forms, one orange and one pink. Text reads: "McEvoy Foundation for the Arts. Open for exploration. Admission is free. 1150 25th St, Building B, San Francisco, CA 94107. NEXT TO YOU: May 28 - December 4, 2021.

Next to You

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts is pleased to announce ‘Next to You,’ an exhibition of…

A scene filmed from a flying drone looking down on a large US flag design made out of brown soil. The flag consists of a large rectangle of soil in the upper left corner and seven long stripes of soil mimicking the flag's stripes. Under the soil are irregular stripes of light and dark blue. In the lower right corner of the image a person is dancing. The body's shadow extends diagonally toward the upper right corner. The person's arms are raised.

Ariel René Jackson: Descendance

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery is pleased to premiere Ariel René Jackson’s Descendance, a drone-shot video featuring interdisciplinary tap dance artist Michael J. Love and an original score by jazz musician Joseph C. Dyson Jr.

Portrait of Intisar Abioto. She stands in a park carrying a camera with a camera strap around her neck. She looks confidently into the camera with a slight smile. Shes wears a patterned scarf and a patterned jacket. Her long black hair is styled in thin dreads. Sunlight highlights the left side of her face.

KSMoCA Winter Artist Lecture Series — Intisar Abioto

Intisar Abioto (b. Memphis, TN. 1986) is an artist working across photography, dance, and writing. Moving from the visionary and embodied root of Blackgirl Southern cross-temporal cross-modal storytelling ways, her works refer to the living breath/breadth of people of African descent against the expanse of their storied, geographic, and imaginative landscapes.