A close up photograph of a multi colored woven object. Equally sized strips of shiny, colorful plastic create a grid of squares that glisten in the light. Each strip appears to be from plastic packaging materials, with colors ranging from yellow to blue and turquoise.

Carol Anne McChrystal: Entropical Latitudes

Informed by life in diaspora, these sculptures are influenced by time spent in familial homelands studying ancestral handicrafts, and in witnessing how these cultural practices are threatened by globalized industry. Referencing emergency shelters and home wares, each of the works play on the tension created when a functional object becomes functionless.

An installation image of Christopher Shaw's sculptures. Four dark brown, spherical ceramic sculptures sit on woven grass trivets on top of a black plinth. The wall behind them is also black. It has a long shelf that supports six long, rectangular sculptures that have a slight concave bow to their shape. Each sculpture is painted in different colors. On the right edge of the image, there is a white wall showing more of the exhibition.

Christopher Shaw: Algorithm:Archetype

In Algorithm:Archetype, Christopher Shaw explores the spiritual bridge between notions of design and processes of divination. Shaw presents us with minimalist works in clay and urges us to consider how objects carry the seeds of culture. Individual and assembled ceramic sculpture join vessel forms in this body of work.