White and pastel flowers with grand, droopy leaves sit in a vase before two framed photographs, the faces of whose are covered.

Birthe Piontek: Abendlied

he result captures the last years of her parents in their house —her childhood home– where they had lived for almost 40 years before having to move due to her mother’s battle with dementia.

: A figure takes a selfie before Niagara Falls, while various others blur in and out of frame. Behind them, the world is fuzzy with spray.

Alec Soth: A Pound of Pictures

The series features images that reference photography itself, investigating the physicality of the medium and its limited ability to preserve what is fleeting.

An image, incredibly close, of an eye—the surface of the image smudged and blurred by fingerprints.


The images she chooses are drawn from web searches, text messages, social media content, and personal pictures, raising questions about authenticity and exploring the difficulty and lack of desire to distinguish between reality and fiction.

In a brilliant display of cosmologies, color, flora, and element, this landscape work blends saturated and undulating movement with a sense of metaphysical wonder.

Christine Nguyen

Christine’s works are created by drawing and painting on layered mylar to produce a composite image that functions as a photographic negative.

Photograph of an old white theatre before brown green desert hills, the name neon "GEM" blank white in the daylight and "STAR WARS" fixed on the marquee.

Ingeborg Gerdes: Out West

Her fascination with the American West began with a road trip to Nevada in 1982 and became a decade-long project, and her German upbringing allowed for a curious yet critical outsider’s outlook of America.