A large, craggy-edged and shiny black rock surrounded by bright yellow archway with a reflective pink background.

Pangea: Hannah Newman

Carnation Contemporary is pleased to present Pangea, a solo show featuring recent work by Hannah Newman. Pangea releases a stream of potential energy from language and inanimate objects, sending resources and bodies into intersecting orbits.

An embroidered patch, like the kind you would sew or iron on a jacket or bag. The shape consists of a thin rectangle with rounded corners. The center is quilted black fabric with a small X embroidered in the center of each diamond. The borders are made of a quilted rainbow. Bisecting the rectangle is an infinity symbol, also made of a rainbow with the colors bleeding into each other.

Andrea Alonge: The Kind Of Calmness Chaos Brings

In our current time of social distance, Andrea Alonge presents her solo exhibition about touch, intimacy, and relationships. Exploring connection with others and with our inner worlds, her practice utilizes symbols, textures, colors and patterns to express the subtle ways we relate to one another physically and spiritually.