A vibrant painting of a close-up view of a succulent plant. The plump leaves are depicted in a gentle rainbow of hues.

Tara Esperanza: I See You

Tara Esperanza presents “I See You”, an exhibition of large-format paintings of succulent plants. Not long ago, the artist was commissioned to make a painting of particular succulents. She began paying closer attention to the popular plant on dog walks and runs through the neighborhood and the subject quickly became an obsession. Esperanza looks deeply at the plants’ details and paints them in large close-ups, bringing viewers into intimate contact. She portrays the diverse personalities, textures, colors, shapes and seasonal changes of succulents in soft layers of gradation and boldly beautiful palettes.

OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 28, 2020
Gallery open Friday & Saturday, 12-6, or by appointment
475 25th Street, Oakland, between Telegraph & Broadway, (510) 701-4620