A figure with a pale complexion stands with a mirror in front of its face and a blue patterned dress. Two pale arms reach towards the figure on either side of it, birds perched on their fingers.

Jennifer Georgescu: Mother Series

Jennifer Georgescu’s Mother Series communicates how the artist grapples with the loss of sense of self as she grows into motherhood, and the complicated relationship to her own mortality. In her own words, Georgescu says, “Motherhood is precious and raw; wonderful and dark.”

A montage of two women by the same model standing against a dark background. The woman on the left looks downward and wears a shirt that blends with the background. The woman on the right looks slightly to the right and wears a light brown plaid shirt.

Kelli Connell: Double Life, 20 Years

Kelli Connell’s work investigates sexuality, gender, identity and photographer / sitter relationships. In this multi-year project, Double Life, the Chicago-based artist opens up new dialogues about women and aging.

A color photo of a lone bristlecone pine stands on the ridge of Mt. Washington. Fine texts, through the flow of ridgelines, are written all over the photograph.

Ian van Coller: Naturalists of the Long Now

In this exhibition of photographs, Ian van Coller breaks down barriers between art and data to offer a dialogue between text and image, landscape and viewer, expert and novice, and past, present, future. With the current Climate Change crisis on our minds and in our midst, the project aspires to help viewers understand the long-term impact of this change on generations to come.

White and pastel flowers with grand, droopy leaves sit in a vase before two framed photographs, the faces of whose are covered.

Birthe Piontek: Abendlied

he result captures the last years of her parents in their house —her childhood home– where they had lived for almost 40 years before having to move due to her mother’s battle with dementia.