A diptych of rectangular, portrait orientation paintings. Each painting is a features a loose grid, with some of the grid's cells either cut out of the canvas leaving a void or layered over other cells. The individual cells are painted with a combination of gestural, grasslike lines, grids and checkerboards in various colors, and photographs collaged on a black paint background.

Modou Dieng: A Postcolonial Landscape

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present A Postcolonial Landscape by Modou Dieng, featuring paintings that explore themes of Black representation and erasure in a globalized society. Dieng reimagines his own experience through dazzling, idiosyncratic mixed media artworks that engage in dialogue with personal narratives and Eurocentric art history.

An exhibition poster that reads: ILANA HARRIS-BABOU in small, sans serif white letters above large, sans serif, elongated letters with a glitchy effect on them that read: LONG CON. The background is a dappled gradation of deep purples, pinks, oranges, and yellow.

Ilana Harris-Babou: Long Con

“Long Con” skewers the wellness industry through stories about well-known fortune tellers and health gurus, such as the Honduran healer Alfredo Darrington Bowman, aka Dr. Sebi, and Youree Dell Harris, aka Psychic Readers Network spokeswoman Miss Cleo.