A box of gum floats on a bright turquoise background. The gum label reads "Yellow No. 5" in pink and yellow, fluffy, cursive font with a black outline. The background of the box is pink and green. Svelte legs in sparkly fishnet stockings and pastel yellow stilettos rest upside down on the top of the box. The torso and rest of the person's body disappear behind the box.

Yellow No. 5

Yellow No. 5 examines the transactional relationship between culture and consumerism and how they often work in tandem to conceal their connection. Tariqa Waters’ project-based, multi-disciplinary exhibition sees her collaborate with regional artists to explore the grab-and-go nature of material goods and how these products serve as armor to shield us from our intrinsically codependent relationship with consumerism—using artificial additives.

A bronze sculpture of three, featureless canine heads emerging from a tuft of metallic fur.


The use of animals in art presents an effective counterpoint to human-centered narratives. This exhibition, featuring artists Anne Bujold, Carolyn Hopkins, Bill Rutherford and Christopher St. John, who showcase a collection of animal-themed work that offers distinct and timely perspectives on the idea of boundaries.