Thin strings of dark blue and black found fabric is tied together in a grid of 4x5 squares.

Kathleen King: An Event in the Form of Questions

Kathleen King’s recent assemblage and sculpture is comprised of materials gathered from city streets and the waste stream. An Event in the Form of Questions grids and structures evoke the given order from high-rises to prisons. This work challenges viewers to look at abandonment and lack as both material and spiritual conditions, as well as to think about satisfaction, which is linked to consumption and our global climate catastrophe. What do we need?

A crowd of migrant workers depicted in soft warm tones of watercolor, walk and gather against a forested background above a running river.

Jill McLennan: Migration Altered

Jill McLennan’s work moves from local to global focus as she documents the movement of humans and animals around the planet in Migration Altered. McLennan’s paintings address the human impact on the earth through time, traveling back to a place inhabited by indigenous people and looking forward to damaged wetlands being reclaimed by birds.

On a concrete floor: Steel wine barrel hoops are placed above a panel split into four quadrants. The quadrants are painted with abstract black and grey spirals, orange lines, and geometric gold and grey elements.

Charlie Milgrim: Plane Shapes

While rigor and reason shore up Euclid’s logical system of plane geometry, Charlie Milgrim takes a more intuitive approach and renders her own geometric system of the three basic planes—the circle, square, and triangle. In Plane Shapes she creates an association of non-objective paintings and objects in which concentric and eccentric circles—one ordered, one disordered— collide with the linear edges and sharp corners of squares and triangles.

Arches of dark brush strokes curve and overlap each other, forming something of a bridge and dripping down the whitespace at the bottom of the page.

Charlie Milgrim: Water in Motion

She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, and with a wide range of materials including bowling balls, discarded objects, and folded tar paper.

Poster advertising event, the text "Joint Compoint" arranged in an L-shape, with the "artist conversation" event's details centered and superimposed over a light purple background, images of mushrooms and branches faded in lighter shades.

Joint Compound : Artist Conversation

We welcome you to join us in conversation about our group exhibition Joint Compound, each of our works included, our individual practices, our approach to working as a collective, and beyond.

Light blue background with graphic, light lined stylized building with red, yellow, orange, green, and pink flames on rooftop and side left. Text on building placard says "PIGZ". Italic outline text on left of image says "Burn It Down."

Things that have to do with fire

Their newest series of video, print and large-scale textile banners focus on the social, racial and environmental upheaval during the summer of 2020. Led by the ideals of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and their own background as a radical educator, Vo’s solo show investigates the multitudes of activism and is a call for social justice and global solidarity.

Photo collage of Panteha Abareshi performing. There is a grid of nine images evenly spaced on a background with a circular gradient that transitions from red in the center, to yellow, and turquoise at the edges. Each of the images shows the performer in a different moment. They are wearing white under garments and knee pads and using two crutches. At the bottom of the image, the word PANTEHA appears in thin, black, sans serif text.


Fuller Rosen Gallery presents NO SANCTUARY, a two-person show of new work by Panteha Abareshi and Kayley Berezney. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, NO SANCTUARY explores the intimate relationship each artist has with their own health.