An Artist kneels above a chalk portrait

La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival

During this FREE two-day summer festival, the public will be able to see nationally-recognized and emerging visual artists use bold, colorful pigments to create larger-than-life drawings down the center of the street(s); most averaging 10’x10’.

The Bed You Made, oil on panel painting of an unmade bed by Julianna Paradisi.


An exhibition that expresses the artist’s definition of what home can mean, whether it is comfort, vulnerability, or the physical space that reflects your innermost desires.

Below a vast sky of, the sea is fed by a system of rivers. The sun blazes in the corner, above purple mountains. Nearby, reclining figures overlook.

Emily Kepulis: Water Briefed

he project was funded by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. In tandem with the show Water Briefed, a book featuring the series will be for sale.

Large rock-like objects hover somewhere between 2- and 3-D, before a warm, yellow-orange light.

Where We Stand

Top-heavy and improbably balanced, the risky equilibrium of these boulders threatens imminent collapse, and the perspective is disturbingly uncertain.

Smushed into the frame are words in large, red letters stacked on top of themselves, behind them stretch streaks of grass and something like leaves.

Lea Feinstein: PAGES

In others, entire lines of lower case text cascade across the surface of the work. Others seem an invented language and script, or suggest Hindi or Arabic alphabets.