Diana Al-Hadid: Archive of Longings

Diana Al-Hadid’s work explores the interplay between the female body and the European art canon; Syrian, Muslim, and immigrant histories and mythologies; and architectural icons and the natural world.

Abstract oil painting on canvas, featuring a woman with black hair and dark, earthy skin reclined, her lips pursed, eyes closed and limbs folded over each other. A grey sky is interrupted by a wavy-lined green cloud, as well as other abstract shapes.

A Woman’s Worth

Paintings and prints from the JSMA’s permanent collection explore archetypal ideals of feminine virtues, the objectification of the female form and woman as model and muse.

A painting of a table cluttered in draped cloth, fruit, clear glass vessels, miniatures of paintings from art history, and other tchotchkes

Sherrie Wolf: Memento

In Memento, Sherrie Wolf explores our attachment to familiar objects, highlighting the beauty in both the glossy and the mundane.