Out of a pixelated blizzard, the corners of a room sink into view, and the shape of a sink emerges from the wall.

random (8)

This painstaking and lengthy process of installation deserves an in-person pilgrimage as photo documentation cannot represent the experience of being enveloped in this organized chaos.

A clear box full of multi-sized cream and yellow cubes casts a long shadow against a white wall.

Gina Han: Recollection

These works are not derivative of any specific work yet their immediacy and profound release of control feel important, challenging and joyous all at once.

Silver construct in a jet-black space gives the visitor the sense they are viewing in black and white, transporting the viewer into a surreal tiny universe

Avantika Bawa: Constructing Darkness

Collectively, the ‘Scaffold Series’ has enabled Bawa to explore the endless possibilities of a single structure by pushing permutations and combinations of color, form and scale in relation to location.