A four-point, star-shaped canvas covered in an abstract pattern of neone green, red, purple, and blue is mounted on a white wall.

Gary Lang: S T A R S

At Quint Gallery (7655 Girard Avenue), S T A R S, a solo exhibition of new work by Gary Lang will run from June 4 – July 30. 

These recent large-scale works represent an evolution of Lang’s process: S T A R S are a shift to a new shape as well as medium after years of painting meditative gradations of concentric circles. This transition arrived through the pandemic’s unrest, a lack of peace which led Lang to invigorate a new shape and discover a boundless power in the anatomy of a four-pointed star.

Below a vast sky of, the sea is fed by a system of rivers. The sun blazes in the corner, above purple mountains. Nearby, reclining figures overlook.

Emily Kepulis: Water Briefed

he project was funded by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. In tandem with the show Water Briefed, a book featuring the series will be for sale.

A solid light yellow rectangle is centered at the top of a pale pink canvas. Overlaying the rectangle is a gestural rectangle which shows the movement of brushstrokes in a deeper yellow.

Edith Baumann: New Works

Modernism is pleased to present its third one-person exhibition of paintings by Edith Baumann. Building on her four decades-long practice of creating geometric abstract paintings, in the current two new bodies of work in the present exhibition, Baumann has integrated a new element, overlapping her usual solid grounds and rectangular shapes, of thinly brushed on layers of paint, which reveal and conceal the colors they overlap, but also display the artist’s hand in a way not seen in her prior work.

Three abutting, rectangular-ish shapes painted in soft and subtle shades of earthy brown bring skin, intimacy, and identity together in a play of tension—in this work, closeness is more a distance.

Mia Farrington: Adaptations

For this series, my subject is why we, as women, are often required to adapt who we are in order to feel safe, be seen, be loved, find achievement.