Photo collage of Panteha Abareshi performing. There is a grid of nine images evenly spaced on a background with a circular gradient that transitions from red in the center, to yellow, and turquoise at the edges. Each of the images shows the performer in a different moment. They are wearing white under garments and knee pads and using two crutches. At the bottom of the image, the word PANTEHA appears in thin, black, sans serif text.


Fuller Rosen Gallery presents NO SANCTUARY, a two-person show of new work by Panteha Abareshi and Kayley Berezney. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, NO SANCTUARY explores the intimate relationship each artist has with their own health.

A flyer for the event with a bright yellow background and green text that reads "Filing the Void: Confronting Ableism in the Art Space."

Filling the Void: Confronting Ableism in the Art Space

Artist Panteha Abareshi confronts the complex systems of ableism that operate within the art space. With two consecutive sessions in the Field Workshop, Abareshi will foster a much-needed dialogue around misunderstandings of the disabled body and its exclusion in cultural spaces. She will begin with presentations from the disabilities perspective and open up the discussion.