Step 1: Enter the event or exhibition title

Step 2: Enter the event or exhibition description. Feel free to copy and paste your press release here.

Step 3: Add the date and time. If you’re submitting a single day event, add the start and end times. If you’re submitting a multi-day event, select the “All Day Event” checkbox.

Step 4: Upload your event image. We recommend high resolution horizontal images. If you upload a vertical image, we will crop it to conform with the site’s standards.

Step 5: Add your city and state to the event categories

Step 6: Add any tags you want. We’ll add more tags when we review the event listing before publishing.

Step 7: Add your venue details. If this is your first time submitting, you can add your venue’s name and address. The address is needed to display a map in the event listing. If you’ve submitted before, your venue details will be saved and you can simply select it!

Step 8: Add your organizer details. This is the same process as the venue details above.

*Note: many events will have the same venue and organizer*

Step 9: Add your event URL. We recommend using a URL dedicated to the event page on your website, not a URL to your website’s homepage. That way, people will always be able to find the information about this specific event.

Step 10: Select all the relevant Accessibility and Diversity fields for your event. If you do not select any, we will automatically select “None” for either or both fields.

Step 11: Add the Alt Text. Alt Text is used by screen readers for Blind or low-vision individuals. They should be concise descriptive texts of what the uploaded image depicts. If you don’t fill out this field, we will do it for you but you won’t be able to review the text. If you want control over this text, please submit it yourself!

Step 12: Select the event type. This is a living list, email us at if you want to suggest another event type!

Step 13: Select your venue’s visitor information, whether you are allowing visitors during normal hours, by appointment only, or if the event is online only.

Step 14: Add the cost. Enter 0 or “free” if the event is free.

Step 15: Prove you’re not a robot by completing the CAPTCHA test.

Step 16: Submit. That’s it, you’re done! We’ll review the event and publish it to as well as our social media channels.