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Baibridge Island Museum of Art 550 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island

Breathe expanded into a broad acknowledgement of, and response to, these national and global realities.


The Inconstant World

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1717 E 7th St, Los Angeles

With the body, language, and the experience of time as points of departure, the exhibition engages the limitations of representation and images as sites of interpretation.


Paul Pescador: PSA

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1717 E 7th St, Los Angeles

They represent a collage of dialogue with different stakeholders, as well as the artist’s own experience of moving through the world as a fellow member of the public.


Charles Gaines: New Work

SFMOMA 151 3rd Street, San Francisco

The conceptual artist’s new works emerge from research into the Dred Scott Decision of 1857, which decreed that Black people were not U.S. citizens and therefore could not sue for their right to freedom.


Carol Anne McChrystal: Entropical Latitudes

Mata Art Gallery Online Platform, Los Angeles

Informed by life in diaspora, these sculptures are influenced by time spent in familial homelands studying ancestral handicrafts, and in witnessing how these cultural practices are threatened by globalized industry. Referencing emergency shelters and home wares, each of the works play on the tension created when a functional object becomes functionless.


Lisa Myers Bulmash: Holding Patterns

Wa Na Wari 911 24th Ave, Seattle

I may be stuck in this holding pattern with the pandemic, the racist fallout from the last four years, and my rage at feeling so vulnerable as a Black woman.


Ryan Pierce: Awake Under Vines

Elizabeth Leach Gallery 417 NW 9th Avenue, Portland

Pierce continues to illuminate relationships between the human and natural world through dynamic dreamlike imagery infused with moral complexity and wonderment. 


Charlene Liu: Lattice

Elizabeth Leach Gallery 417 NW 9th Avenue, Portland

The exhibition reveals the artist's complementary approaches between the mindful deliberations of printmaking techniques and the observational immediacy of line seen in her plein air style paintings. 


Colleen RJC Bratton: Endometrial Atmosphere

SOIL 112 3rd Ave S, Seattle

There are so many factors that have to come together to support delicate life. I’ve changed countless ways in which I navigate this life and my body in order to bear a child.


Elisheva Biernoff: Starting from Wrong

Fraenkel Gallery 49 Geary Street, San Francisco

A mysterious Polaroid verges on jarring abstraction in Instant, 2021, as dark grey patches of “damaged” emulsion appear to rend a light-dappled oceanscape.


Gary Simmons: The Engine Room

Henry Art Gallery 15th Ave NE &, NE 41st St, Seattle

His work is occupied by the unfixed nature of a past that remains open to the vagaries of memory, and its role in the construction of the character of contemporary America.


Gajin Fujita: Drawings

L.A. Louver 45 North Venice Boulevard, Venice

Fujita’s unique practice brings together wildly diverse styles, cultures, and time periods in riotous compositions that proudly affirm the artist’s own Los Angeles roots.


Mia Farrington: Adaptations

Upfor Gallery Portland

For this series, my subject is why we, as women, are often required to adapt who we are in order to feel safe, be seen, be loved, find achievement.


sidony o’neal: AuguRing

Veronica 2915 Rainier Avenue South, Suite 12b, Seattle

What can the drama of low dimensional objects/relations reveal about n-dimensional objects/relations?


Cécilia Andrews: Indivisible Particles

Municipal Bonds 1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco

Teeming with abstract portraits—extolling the gaze, lauding the hand—Andrews' works on paper are articulated by collage.


Emily Counts: Souvenir

Nationale 15 SE 22nd Ave, Portland

A generous, dynamic, and tender collection of new sculptures, in which the past and future coalesce into a visual language that is both familiar and utterly new. 


Dawn Cerny: Weeping Willow Folding Chair

Melanie Flood Projects 420 SW Washington St., #301, Portland

Dawn’s sculptures occupy this zone between psychic and material needs with a forthrightness, both charismatic and awkward.


Brad Phillips: Grandpa Goes to Hollywood

de boer Gallery 3311 E Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Phillips’ combination of the reality of a life lived intersecting with an artist’s imagination creates a potent dialog about the current state of culture.


Teresa Baker : Pulling Up the Prairie

de boer Gallery 3311 E Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Baker’s hand-stitched patterning, painting, beading, and soldering create a recognizable style in rhythm with the artwork’s overall asymmetrical shape.


Deb Achak: My Eyes Need Beauty

Winston Wächter Fine Art 203 Dexter Ave N, Seattle

I found strength and optimism through the healing power of flowers, vivid color, and meditative movement.