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Hosfelt Gallery 260 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA

Ironically and satisfyingly, the highly intellectual process of creating these works — grounded in physics and color theory — generates supremely sensuous and transcendent paintings.


Light & Graphite

studio e 609 S brandon street, Seattle, WA

Drawing by definition is handwork, building worlds out of light and shadow.


Solange Roberdeau and Jochen Holz

Blunk Space 11101 highway 1, #105, Pt. Reyes Station, CA

Their additions of lusters and gilding, wood rubbings and textures, add depth and richness to the work.


Power Positions: A Dismantling of Phallacies

The Elisabeth Jones Art Center ​516 NW 14th AVE, Portland, OR

While great strides have been made since the first wave feminist movement kicked off the century long battle for equality, equity, and recognition, over one hundred years of forward movement has not yet leveled the playing field.


Pained Vistas

Photographic Center Northwest 900 12th Ave, Seattle, WA

Pained Vistas looks to the potential for catastrophe to unfold under a picturesque sky.


Image Gardeners

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts 1150 25th Street, San Francisco, CA

In opposition to Susan Sontag’s theory that photography is a “voracious way of seeing,” an image gardener employs photographic seeing as a means of cultivation, preservation, and collaboration.


Hayal Pozanti: Lingering

Jessica Silverman is pleased to announce Lingering, on view from January 15 to February 26, 2022.…


Julian Hoeber: Relief from Pictures

Jessica Silverman Gallery San Francisco, CA

Jessica Silverman is pleased to announce Julian Hoeber: Relief From Pictures, on view from January 15…


Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at PSU 1855 SW BroadwayPortland,

Through installation, photography, video, painting, performance, textiles, sculpture, poetry, and printmaking, this exhibition is a microcosm of allied and conflicting political, social, and aesthetic approaches.


Ken Kelly

studio e 609 S brandon street, Seattle, WA

His works evoke “the same sense of wonder, awe, and mystery that I find in the endless panorama of the physical world.”


For Good?

Los Angeles

This exhibition is ultimately an inquiry as to how one attempts to understand the vastness of the Filipino diaspora.


Red Boys and Green Girls

Hosfelt Gallery 260 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA

These works by Rubin are additionally meditations on the practice of painting, demonstrating how a few, sure brushstrokes can be used to suggest light falling on form, defining a mental state or conjuring a mood.


1989 Part II

MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR

This second installment of 1989 brings the work of established and emerging artists from Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Poland, Cuba, Suriname, USA, China, Iran, and New Zealand. Their works offer poetic and philosophical reflections on the exhibition theme through a range of experimental video and documentary film, photography, digital animation, music composition, poetry, and performance.


P. L .U. A. (Proposed Land Use Action)

MadArt 325 Westlake Ave N, #101, Seattle, WA

Nigerian American artist Jite Agbro considers our changing and nuanced relationship to the built environment in her MadArt Studio exhibition, P. L .U. A. (Proposed Land Use Action).


Alec Soth: A Pound of Pictures

Fraenkel Gallery 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

The series features images that reference photography itself, investigating the physicality of the medium and its limited ability to preserve what is fleeting.


12th Annual Juried Exhibition

Gallery 110 110 3rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA

Finalists’ works will be displayed at the gallery in February 2022.


Nicole Pietrantoni: The Slow Current

Pendleton Center for the Arts 214 N Main St, Pendleton, OR

Taking an experimental approach to the book form, her art asks how the book and printed matter can both enable and undercut humans’ active role in constructing and idealizing images. T


CAT TOWER – a group exhibition and design competition

Museum of Museums 900 Boylston Ave, Seattle, WA

Featuring new works by Cris Bruch, Causal Surveying, Andrea Chen, Design Nerds, Maija Fiebig, Fruitsuper, Graypants, Olson Kundig, Clyde Petersen, SHED, W. Scott Trimble and Nicola Vruwink, CAT TOWER is both a group sculpture exhibition and design competition.


Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1717 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA

Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning is the first museum survey of Houston-based multidisciplinary artist Jamal…


Sara Cwynar: Apple Red/Grass Green/Sky Blue

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1717 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA

Cwynar uses photographic and digital images to expose the failure of their visual trickery over time and their waning power and influence on the public, contending with how power dynamics are embedded in everyday images.


Christina Quarles

Frye Art Museum 704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA

Using Adobe Illustrator to generate aspects of her compositions, Quarles introduces digitally rendered patterns and markings that destabilize the sense of space in her paintings.


Quilt Bloc

ditch projects 303 S. 5th Avenue #165, Springfield, OR

Quilt Bloc brings forth and puts into question the quilts on display: bringing together the local history of Oregon craft and textile work with contemporary artists who, in their work, tease apart expectations of craft objects, material realities, and dominant historical narratives.


William Matheson: Dissipatio

Nationale 15 SE 22nd Ave, Portland, OR

By exploring the tensions between exterior and interior and the atemporality of life in this moment, Matheson reveals that a creative practice can not only be an antidote to anxiety, but can also invite connection during a period of extreme detachment. 



Mercury 20 Gallery 475 25th Street, Oakland, CA

A current of sound runs through the Submarine of war, of work, of stealth, of humor, submerged, sub-colonial, subliminal, sublime, surging, streaming, sinking and surfacing from our dark waters.


In the Last Light

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a group of heroically-scaled works of luxuriant foliage.


Parting Gifts

Clovis Communiy College 390 W Fir Ave, Clover, CA

Through painting, Zur and Cagney give form to the parting gifts left by the departed. Be it the lingering presence of the deceased felt in domestic spaces depicted in Zur’s work, or a moment of connection by way of terminal lucidity in Alzheimer patients in Cagney’s work.


Intersections: Where Art & Activism Meet

Scalehouse Gallery 550 NW Franklin Avenue, Suite 138, Bend, OR

Intersections: Where Art & Activism Meet features the work of two contemporary artists at the center of art and social critique: April Bey and Sadie Barnette.


Panteha Abareshi: This Is Not A Body

Hunter Shaw Fine Art 5513 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Throughout an interdisciplinary practice that includes sculpture, video, performance, and print, Los Angeles based artist Panteha Abareshi discusses the complexities of living as a chronically ill / disabled body in an ableist and normative society.


Time Stamps

Todd Madigan Gallery 9001 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, CA

Comparing these old postcard views with current views of the same location shows the changes we make to the places we inhabit.


Michael Brennan: PANDEMONIUM

Modernism 724 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA

Seven years in the making , the series begins with a portrait of the artist who most strongly influenced Brennan as a young man, the Bay Area photorealist painter Robert Bechtle.


Genevieve Gaignard: Strange Fruit

Vielmetter Los Angeles 1700 S Santa Fe Ave #101, Los Angeles, CA

Vielmetter Los Angeles is pleased to present Strange Fruit, the gallery's second solo exhibition with Genevieve Gaignard, opening Saturday, March 19 and running through May 7, 2022.


SplitNature: Tanja Geis + Catherine Mackey

Round Weather 951 Aileen St., Oakland, CA

SplitNature is Round Weather’s first two-person exhibition, showcasing recent and time-tested artworks by Tanja Geis and Catherine Mackey.


In Comfort of Chaos

Kirkland Arts Center 620 Market Street, Kirkland, WA

This exhibition seeks works that explores ways in which artists makes sense of time, space, and society when everything around them seems to be falling apart or shifting.


Andrea Brewster: The Fragile Balance That Lies Beneath

Mercury 20 Gallery 475 25th Street, Oakland, CA

Her sculptural pieces are deliberately ambiguous, a fantastical synthesis of biological imagery that ask the viewer to question whether the form is animal, botanical, or cellular; subtly shifting focus between a sense of familiarity and the otherworldly.


Patricia Vázquez: Ku beeta’al bej ikil a xíimbal (Andando hacemos el camino)

The Linfield Art Gallery McMinnville, OR

Patricia Vázquez is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the ancient Tenochtitlán, and based in the unceded and occupied lands of the Chinook, Clackamas, Multnomah and other Indigenous peoples. Her new exhibition, Ku beeta'al bej ikil a xíimbal, includes painting, printmaking, video, installation, documentation and participatory projects that illustrate the challenges and joys of becoming an artist.


Diedrick Brackens and D’Angelo Lovell Williams: The Quick

Lumber Room 419 Northwest 9th Ave., Portland, OR

The lumber room presents The Quick, an exhibition of new works from artists Diedrick Brackens and D’Angelo Lovell Williams. Guided by the processes of “weaving” and “sketching” as metaphors for building love and companionship, the works in the exhibition apply the iconographies of domestic Black life to a conversation about kinship through labor and creative pursuit. ⁠


Michael Brennan: Pandemonium – Selected Portraits

Modernism West 2534 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

“Pandemonium: Selected Portraits" consists of 26 portraits chosen from over a hundred of Michael Brennan’s circus-themed paintings and portraits.


Ryan Jones: Fragments

Caldwell Snyder Gallery 341 Sutter StreetSan Francisco,

Caldwell Snyder Gallery is pleased to present "Fragments," a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Bay Area-based artist Ryan Jones, on view from April 16 – May 7, 2022.


Lily Clark and Analuisa Corrigan: House and Garden

Stroll Garden 7380 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

“House & Garden” is a two-artist exhibition of all new works by Lily Clark and Analuisa Corrigan. Conceived as a singular installation, the show welcomes viewers into a home of domestic items rendered in clay by Corrigan and a garden of working ceramic fountains by Clark, complimented by live plant vignettes created by Alice Lam of A.L. BASA.


APICC presents Grow Our Souls

SOMArts 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by Grace Lee Boggs, Grow Our Souls showcases twelve artists who are reimagining labor in an era of climate change and late-stage capitalism. From yoga mat paintings celebrating Black and Brown humanity to seed installations speculating sustainable food futures, artists present sumptuous and abundant possibilities while illuminating industry practices that maintain labor inequities.


Hello World

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts 1150 25th Street, San Francisco, CA

Experience a radical sci-fi fantasy in Hello World, a live performance and video game by Genevieve Quick at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts. Performers encounter a black hole, the multiverse, and signal outages as they communicate between the fictional Planet Celadon and Earth.

$12 – $15

Jenn Sova: DADDY

after/time 707 NE Broadway Suite 205, Portland, OR

Who is a Daddy? What even is a Daddy? 
Sova is reckoning with someone she never knew. Through the reordering of materials- cinder blocks, media, stains, and light- she is contracting a new histories of DADDIES. 


Kathleen King: An Event in the Form of Questions

Mercury 20 Gallery 475 25th Street, Oakland, CA

Kathleen King’s recent assemblage and sculpture is comprised of materials gathered from city streets and the waste stream. An Event in the Form of Questions grids and structures evoke the given order from high-rises to prisons. This work challenges viewers to look at abandonment and lack as both material and spiritual conditions, as well as to think about satisfaction, which is linked to consumption and our global climate catastrophe. What do we need?


Elissa Auther: Queer Maximalism

University of Oregon 1585 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR

This talk focuses on the solo exhibition of the costume designer and performer, Machine Dazzle, and the relation of his work to creative spheres cutting across art, craft, design, theatre, and nightlife. 


Hely Omar Gonzalez

Praz Delavallade 6150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Grounded in a neon-classical palette, Gonzalez’s cinematic landscapes and Romantic portraiture are part self-portrait, part social commentary.