Zahyr Lauren: Where Beauty Reigns: Visual Meditations

Zahyr Lauren, also known as The Artist L.Haz, creates in order to share light and love with community. Each piece is a time period of meditative peace for Zahyr. All of Z’s original artwork is hand-drawn.

Z is the youngest of four siblings from San Jose, California. Z comes from a powerful, southern Black matriarchy that migrated from Oklahoma and Mississippi to California with nothing, and made something for generations to come.
Z is a West Coast-based artist, humanstorian, former Human Rights Investigator, and former Attorney, who began drawing in 2015.

The practice of meditative art, for Z, has become a mental and emotional salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice system’s most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world, and the artist hopes the work engulfs other people in the same kind of peace that was felt during each work’s creation.