Walk the Block!

Walk the Block is a Central District art festival featuring the work of local, national, and international Black & Indigenous artists. Yards, porches, parks, gardens, & small businesses host visual art, performance, community stories, dance parties, & art installations.

Artists participating in this year’s Walk the Block include: Blumeadows, Alison Bremner, Jasmine Iona Brown, Bryce Detroit, Esther Ervin, Marita Dingus, Rachael F. ,Fysah, Gary Hammon & Carter Yasutake, JusMoni, Lehuauakea, Darrell McKinney, Meron Menghistab, Yeggy Michael, Larry Mizell Jr., Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle, NW Tap Connection, Tracy Rector, Perri Rhoden, Rashaun Rucker, Kenya Shakoor, Moses Sun, Gabrielle Tesfaye, Zachary James Watkins, Tiffany Wilson, Ezra Wube, Yirim Seck, films curated by Berette Macaulay, dance curated by Nia-Amina Minor and more.

We recommend you register in advance for Walk the Block, so you can skip the wait at registration! Just show up,* get your racing bib and map, and hit the streets! Also, food & drink tickets are only available with advance registration. We will not be selling food & drink tickets on the day of the event.

Walk the Block is also our annual fundraiser and this year we hope to reach our goal of $100K before the event begins. We have covered the cost of the event with grants & sponsorships, so every dollar spent on Walk the Block goes directly to our programming. When you register for Walk the Block, you’ll have opportunities to donate in advance and to form fundraising teams. We are offering prizes for the teams & individuals who reach fundraising milestones first; including a private concert with Paul Rucker, dinner with Charles Johnson, catering by Jeremy Thunderbird of Native Soul Cuisine, and an Inye Wokoma art print, and more!

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