For this artist-curated installation of the Frye Art Museum’s collection, the research collective ESTAR(SER) reaches into an archive of dreams to assemble an exhibition that asks fundamental questions about museums and the works of art they hold: What do artworks want from us? And what do we want from them?

ESTAR(SER) is an international research collective concerned with the history—and the mythology—of attention. Recent work includes: “All Senses on the Qui Vive,” 33rd São Paulo Biennial (2018); “El Halo del Cuidar,” Reina Sofia, Madrid (2019); “The Dance of Attention,” Glasgow International (2020/21); and “The Milcom Memorial Reading Room and Attention Library,” Mana Contemporary and the Monira Foundation, Jersey City (2022). Associates of ESTAR(SER) collaborate on various publications, for instance: The ESTAR(SER) Working Group on Exhibitions, “Presenting and Representing the ‘W-Cache,’” Proceedings of the Esthetical Society, New Series, Part VII, Supplement (2016): 1-81; and, most recently, the edited volume In Search of the Third Bird (London: Strange Attractor, 2021).

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