Social Forms: Art as Global Citizenship

Aug 4 – Oct 21
Stagings/Escenarios, an exhibition of dynamic and expansive paintings by Jorge Tacla, depicts landscapes of cultural significance and the remnants of sites leveled by uprising and warfare. Communicating the complex narratives these places represent, the paintings comment on contemporary events with an emphasis on the aftermath and memory of catastrophes. Informed by abuses of power and the resulting destruction, Tacla’s paintings portray images of haunting ruins and layered, architectural elements with reference to the bodily presence of the victims he documents.MALIA JENSEN

Aug 23 – Nov 30
Endless Pigeons is a monumentally scaled bronze tower of oversized pigeons rising, one atop the other, from a cast concrete base designed to recall the ubiquitous “Jersey Barrier.” Using her characteristic wit and humor, Jensen’s sculpture questions who (or what) adorns public plinths, and creates an opportunity for observation and reflection.KARL LECLAIR

Aug 04 – Oct 21
Drawn to indirect and direct processes of image making, Hillsboro artist Karl LeClair creates print-based works that represent the forces beyond our perception that shape the landscapes of reality. Exploring human connection to these forces, the land, and other humans, the works depict external stimuli and analyze how the surrounding environment impacts our experiences—and our bodies. Fascinations with dreams, physics, geologic processes, the collective unconscious, and memory, LeClair’s imagery alludes to broader universal forces.MIROSLAV LOVRIC

Aug 04 – Oct 21
After fleeing war-torn Yugoslavia in the nineties, Miroslav Lovric began mining both conscious and subconscious memories. Focusing on nature, birds, and animals, Lovric spontaneously captures secret messages of the mind—and the world. Finding intrigue in the relationship between humans and animals, Lovric abstractly paints the enigma between living and non-living things.

All gallery events are FREE and open to the public.
August 04 | 6 pm – 9 pm | First Friday: Opening Reception
August 26 | 10:30 am – 1 pm | Converge 45: Opening Weekend Celebration
September 01 | 6 – 9 pm | First Friday: Endless Pigeons Debut
September 21 | 6:30 – 8 pm | Artist Talk: Malia Jensen
October 06 | 6 – 9 pm | First Friday: Artist Demos
October 14 | 1 – 2:30 pm | Artist Talk: Karl LeClair & Miroslav Loric**Reserve tickets required.

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