sidony o’neal: AuguRing

What can the drama of low dimensional objects/relations reveal about n-dimensional objects/relations?

For this exhibition new works are motivated by philosophies of mathematics and conjectures in algebraic topology. Research in “open problems” often necessitates mathematical proof of existence/non-existence, development of techniques for the negation/construction of objects, and/or elaboration of intimate relationships among them. I engage some basic elements of these techniques toward the study of the “child object”—a term pro tempore that I have previously used to approach the material, affective, and intuitive relations between rendered objects and environments and internal objects and environments.

From here: landscape, time-consciousness, and inheritance are positioned not as symbols, but as post-digital relations that function with and beyond the onto-epistemic logic of some temporal objects. That is: a sculpture is sometimes an embedded graph, a local moss. A render dreams of becoming a transit system—generalizing over a rectilinear vision of 0D metric space. A “game site” serves as a category within a grave site, which is always the counting device ordered under n-dimensional shadow. Let a drawing return (in) time.

Where healing and longevity is concerned, does respiration always supervene?

sidony o’neal is an artist and writer based in Portland, OR. Recent group and solo exhibitions include SculptureCenter and Fourteen30 Contemporary.

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(AuguRing is supported in part by Western Bridge.)