We are delighted to present SHADES OF GRAY, a group show selected by Ann Jastrab and Jan Watten. On display will be photos of cool neutrals, sophisticated deep charcoal gray images, glimmers of gray in a color landscapes and the beautiful mid-tones of perfect gelatin silver prints. Mixed media, alternative processes, color imagery and traditional black and white photographs will be on view.

“The color of truth is gray.”  Andre Gide

Participating Photographers
Laurel Anderson Malinovsky, Norman Mark Aragones, Minerva Amistoso, Ryn Arnold, Francis Baker, Jayne Biehn, Rose Borden, Maria Budner, Kimberley A. Campisano, Jessica Chen, Sara Chieco, Norma Córdova, Jeffrey Cullen, Anthony Delgado, Tony Devarco, Ann Marie Donahue, Gene Dominique, Bonnie Drucker, Rory Earnshaw, Allyson Ely, Diane Fenster, Robel Fessehatzion , David Gardner ,J. M. Golding, Marsha Guggenheim, Najib Joe Hakim, Chuck Harlins, Brenton Haslam, Richard Hay Jr.,, Matthew Hoang, Christine Huhn, Candice Jacobus , Becky Jaffe, Phoenix Kanada, Ellen Konar and Steve Goldband, Nadine Levin, Richard Lohmann, Ernie Luppi, Erik Mathy, Sonia Melnikova-Raich, Don Melandry, Melina Meza, Charles Moulton, Eric Murphy, Steve Napoli, Charlotte Niel, Deborah O’Grady, Eben Ostby, Mark Overgaard, Ginny Parsons, Anne Rabe, Steven Raskin, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Charles Reilly, Philip T. Sager, Jenny Sampson, Neocles Serafimidis, Ellen Shershow, Douglas Stinson, Styrous, Gordon Szeto, Alison Taggart-Barone, Michael Teresko, Vince Thomas , George Tomberlin, Jeff Weston, Susan West, Stephanie Williamson, Nick Winkworth, Yelena Zhavoronkova