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Selma Waldman: A Conversation Through Time & Space

January 7, 2021 - April 17, 2021

Dynamic pencil drawing of a contorted individual, their legs lifted in the air nearly over their head, their arm outstretched and reaching out of frame, creating the sense that they are mid-jump.

In A Conversation Through Time & Space, Selma Waldman’s artworks are juxtaposed with nine CoCA artist members. Together these works construct a creative dialogue between contemporary artists and Selma Waldman. Ms. Waldman has since passed beyond this moment as of 2008.

Selma Waldman spent her artist career speaking the specificity of her truth to dominator power. She mined the relationships between oppressed and oppressor; conducted rigorous examinations of the human body and the world around her. This CoCA exhibition asks its member artists to have a conversation across time and space to examine the similarities and/or differences between the world Waldman grew up and created in and the world our artists are creating in today. Selma’s physical voice has since been physically silenced, but her ideas and artistic voice lives on.

A Conversation Through Time & Space highlights the essential role of artists within the local and global conversations as makers and creatives and encourages audiences to make connections that spark dialogue about the progress or lack thereof we see in our political, cultural and national spaces.


BIPOC artist(s), Women artist(s)
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Gallery, Visual Art
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