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Seeing Sound

June 9, 2021 - July 24, 2021

Three men hold the heads of Chinese dragons over their heads. Two of them stand on a table and tuck their white shirts into the legs and feet of the dragon. Another stands atop a pile of six red benches. Behind them is a black curtain; and beside them is a red drum and a banner, on which are printed numerous chinese characters.

‘Seeing Sound,’ a traveling exhibition organized by ICI,
With works by Marina Rosenfeld, Aura Satz, and Samson Young, curated by Barbara London, founder of the Video-media Exhibition and Collection Programs at MoMA, New York

‘Seeing Sound’ is a series of exhibitions that explores sound as a material and dynamic branch of contemporary art practices. The exhibition safely provides physical and visual encounters with sound as art, challenging the now-common experience of consuming aural information via digital means.

The iteration of ‘Seeing Sound’ at KADIST presents the work of three international artists: Marina Rosenfeld, Aura Satz, and Samson Young, whose practices look beyond traditions in sound and music to examine silence and noise. The artists use sound as a sensorial and pliant material to create works that often straddle music and composition, video and performance, sculpture, and installation. Imaginatively uniting sound, word, and silence in space, their installations at KADIST create environmental experiences that probe larger questions about our relationships to the intangible but integral components of art and daily life.




Wheelchair accessible
Women curated
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Gallery, Museum, Visual Art
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3295 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
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