Sara Lisch: Metamorphosis

Sara Lisch presents “Metamorphosis”, an exhibition that includes five ceramic figurative sculptures and two
textile wall works, inspired by her growth and transformation over the past year. During the pandemic, she
focused on turning her thistle and foxtail backyard into a flourishing garden and over the many months of
isolation, she watched the plants grow, flower, die, and transform. That experience seeped into her artistic
practice. Metamorphosis is a metaphorical extension of her garden and symbolizes life, death, and renewal.

Lisch works primarily with low-fire clay and uses various hand-building and carving techniques to create her
pieces. She often uses terra sigillata, underglazes, stains, acrylic paint, and ceramic transfers to enhance the
work’s surface.

Sara Lisch was born in Sechelt, British Columbia and graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia,
Washington. Her work has been exhibited at the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts, the Flint Institute of
Arts in Michigan, Santa Fe Clay, Virginia Brier Gallery in San Francisco, and other national venues. Sara lives in
San Pablo with her son and husband. She also curates an outdoor art gallery on the