Alison Stigora: SALVAGE

Seattle-based artist Alison Stigora draws inspiration from nature to create her exhibition SALVAGE at MadArt Studio. In this two-part, monumental sculptural installation of reclaimed driftwood, light and sound compositions, Stigora invites viewers to engage their senses and take a moment of reflection. An immense mass of reclaimed driftwood pieces curve into the space, coalescing into a wave. Within the swell, a low resonant track rumbles from beneath a bench built into the driftwood. Across from the wave a translucent sculpture is suspended directly off of the studio’s skylight, glowing with the warm colors of sunrise. In harmony with the light, a chorus of celestial sounds emanate from the piece.

The driftwood used to construct SALVAGE was graciously donated by the Army Corps of Engineers’ M/V Puget, a recovery vessel for retrieving dangerous debris from our region’s waterways. This mission is central to Stigora’s creative intentions. By offering the opportunity for contemplation and respite, she poses the question: how can we embrace areas of resistance and see them positively as spaces for transformation?