Patti Warashina: The World Upside Down

Traver Gallery is thrilled to present The World Upside Down, an extraordinary new exhibition by renowned artist Patti Warashina. Warashina, whose work in clay spans 60 years, is deeply fascinated with human nature. Best known for her figurative work in clay, she utilizes both the form and the surface to depict narratives that delve into the peculiarities of human experience, politics, current events, and consciousness. 

Saturday, August 26th, from 11:00 am–12:00 pm, please join renowned artist Patti Warashina and Gallery Director Sarah Traver for a special in-person conversation and walkthrough of Patti’s current exhibition, The World Upside Down. RSVP to or call 206-587-6501 to register for this event.

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