Patte Loper: Laboratory for Other Worlds

Laboratory for Other Worlds is a multimedia landscape that uses animation, sound, and everyday objects to create a hand-woven, immersive environment. It explores the role of human and nonhuman connection in a time of ecological crisis through a technological and material imaginary. Viewers are invited to push past the limits of their imaginations and experience the installation as a set of tools or devices for understanding new ways of being that expand out of the human realm into a shared experience with the wider world.

Loper’s practice began exclusively with conceptually based figurative painting and the work morphed over time into an experimental practice that utilizes painting, drawing, video, installation, and performance. Deeply rooted in painting’s discourse, her current practice uses painterly logic to create three dimensional structures that evoke landscape and still life and link early and midcentury formalism, architectural theory, and utopian idealism.