Patricia Vázquez: Ku beeta’al bej ikil a xíimbal (Andando hacemos el camino)

Patricia Vázquez is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the ancient Tenochtitlán, and based in the unceded and occupied lands of the Chinook, Clackamas, Multnomah and other Indigenous peoples.

This new exhibition, Ku beeta’al bej ikil a xíimbal, includes painting, printmaking, video, installation, documentation and participatory projects that illustrate the challenges and joys of becoming an artist.

In her own words: “For a long time, I couldn’t believe I could be an artist as I had to contend with doubts, fears and contradicting inner messages. The work offered in this exhibition is the result of years intently developing skills and language, and of learning to trust my capacities, sensibility and intuition.”