Patricia Vázquez Gómez: BorderXers

BorderXer will be at Anita through September.

There are many forms of crossing, of stepping over boundaries, of exploding the limits that restrict our movements, affections, talents, knowledge and dreams. BorderXers are the animals that move freely through the territory that sustains them. BorderXers are those who thrive over tyrannic gender rules. BorderXers are those who love despite heteronormative prescriptions. BorderXers are migrants and refugees looking for dignity. BorderXers are those choosing life over death. BorderXer is any body who has refused to be subdued, reduced, broken, or fragmented.

Every time you step into forbidden territory you cross a border. Every time you challenge oppression you cross a border. Every time you defy an inhumane law you cross a border. In a system that threatens to take away our individual and collective lives and spirits, becoming a BorderXer is not only necessary, but inescapable.

What borders do you still have to cross?
What would it take for you to cross them?

— Patricia Vázquez Gómez