Painting Out of A Corner

Transmission Gallery Oakland presents Painting Out of a Corner, a solo exhibition of M. Mark Bauer’s colorful, intricate and fantastical paintings.

Bauer’s detailed scenarios, replete with multilayered meaning and complex characters, ​contemplate the absurdities of our interactions with environment and each other. Up close, one can begin to truly take in the undulating patterns, beautifully blended color shifts,  wry humor and fascinating twists that make up Bauer’s painted worlds.  New details emerge with a second, third and fourth look, charging the work with a sense of movement and energy.

John Kerpel ‘s Earth Gems will be showing in our small space gallery, concurrent with Bauer’s featured exhibition. Kerpel’s sense of design and fine craftsmanship together celebrate and elevate animal species as precious jewels. Both exhibitions have a strong connection to preserving the natural world and its myriad creatures.