P. L .U. A. (Proposed Land Use Action)

Nigerian American artist Jite Agbro considers our changing and nuanced relationship to the built environment in her MadArt Studio exhibition, P. L .U. A. (Proposed Land Use Action). Decidedly less figurative than Agbro’s previous works, this installation comprises architectural textile prints that create a rendering of the public housing complex—currently slated for demolition—where Agbro grew up with her family in Seattle’s Central District. News of the building’s impending destruction was a catalyst for the artist to undergo a complex process of internally negotiating this loss. P.L.U.A. acts as a reflection of one’s emotional connection to place and explores how memory tethers itself to the physical world. Further, Agbro expands on her practice’s recurring themes of cultural inheritance to consider the institutional influences that impact one’s orientation to the world.

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