Mirrors—Forest Wolf Kell at One Grand Gallery

One Grand Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Portland-based artist Forest Wolf Kell. “Mirrors” presents a series of work honed from a considerable personal library of reference imagery. Culling inspiration from literature, contemporary happenings, music, and daily life these graphite collages reflect back to viewers an amalgam of information free of a cohesive narrative. When constructing each composition, Kell considers depth, proportion and shading to carefully free associate the images that most acutely resonate with him. In this manner, the focus shifts from object to a balance of the elements. The interplay between density and negative space, between light and dark, creates the harmony amidst Kell’s employed style of realism. He considers each canvas an opportunity for the viewer to seek out that which they are independently looking for. A cigarette fuming in an ashtray, the time face of a melting clock, a figure in exaltation, or the face of Charles Bukowski, “Mirrors’ ‘ demands the audience to pick their own brand of poison. This series serves as a reflection, not only of Kell’s relationship to the collected material, but as a window into what most intrigues, or repels, one’s eye. This individual interpretation, inherently influenced by external experience and bias, lends an ever shape shifting quality to both canvas and exhibition.

Forest Wolf Kell is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Portland, Oregon. Primarily his works are collections of objects, images and icons arranged in ways meant to provoke thought. 

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