Opening Reception | Ouroboros: 2022 Mills College Senior Thesis Exhibition

Join us for the opening reception for “Ouroboros: 2022 Mills College Senior Thesis Exhibition.” The final senior thesis exhibition of the singular Mills College, “Ouroboros” features the work of graduating Studio Art majors and provides a unique opportunity for these young artists: their first show in a professional art museum. This year’s presenting artists are Angela Amaro, Alessandra Bolger, Daisy Cooperwaite, Ray Lewis, Yessy Mendez, Angelica Navarro, Ashley Tesmer, Ellie Welsh Ferreyra, and Taya Wyatt.

Experimenting with a range of forms and media from painting to ceramics and installation, the artists in “Ouroboros” invite the viewer to imagine alternate realities, question one’s relation to everyday objects, and reflect on living with mental illness. For these nine promising artists, the exhibition is an exciting demonstration of their artistic potential and the creative possibilities within their work.