NOSOTROS: Iván Argote and Ana Teresa Fernández in conversation Julio César Morales

The conversation will focus on Argote and Fernández’s artworks and practices to address boundaries, borders, and the will to erase distance in an era defined by it. It does so by focusing on two works that manifest the other side in vivid, unpredictable, and radical ways: Iván Argote’s ‘As Far As We Could Get’ (2019) and Ana Teresa Fernández’s ‘Borrando La Frontera’ (2011). Through these artworks and artistic practices, the conversation simultaneously addresses boundaries, borders, and the will to erase distance in an era defined by it.

Argote’s film is shot in Palembang, Indonesia and Neiva, Colombia, cities that are exact antipodes — geographical points connected by a straight line through the center of the Earth. Alternating like a call and response, the film captures globalized youth cultures at play, capturing more similarities than differences. Fernández’s breakthrough video connects her painting and performance practices through the simple, yet revolutionary gesture of painting the border wall between Mexico and the United States to match the color of the sky through its slats. Viewed at a particular angle, the fence vanishes into the landscape. Argote is based in Paris and Fernandez in San Francisco, echoing KADIST’s dual-positionality with exhibition spaces in both cities.

The program is modeled on an Online Video Exhibition curated by Julio César Morales and his endless record flipping and an anxious desire to bridge physical and emotional thresholds during the pandemic, the presentation has two sides or two parts. NOSOTROS focuses on one aspect of the complex presentation, that of having the imagination to connect perceived opposites. For the final week of the exhibition, The Light Between Us (Part 1) and La Luz Entre Nosotros (Part 2) are streamable from May 3 to 9.

The event will be live-streamed on Zoom. Real-time captioning provided, in English with live Spanish translation
Free to attend, RSVP required